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Originally Posted by UncaYimmy
Anita, I just want to say that I appreciate the time you take in your replies. I strongly encourage you to look at narrowing your abilities down to something extremely reliable under the best of circumstances. Many of us will be glad to assist you in that regard.
Let me start by saying that every time I type your name it comes out as "UncaYummy" and I have to go back and change it. I appreciate this Forum and all the input I receive here. Well, I want to test my ability on medical information with the IIG, it is the main part of the ability and also its observations are the most frequent, of most interest to me, and the easiest to attain.

Originally Posted by steenkh
Do you think the bacteria prefer to get eaten, and dissolved in stomach acid?
Actually what makes Lactobacillus interesting is that it does not mind being eaten and surrounded by stomach acid because it finds itself in a warm comfortable environment and probably also surrounded by available nutrition. Stomach acid does not dissolve the individual Lactobacillus bacteria and they are unharmed by the stomach environment, at least that is how I see it.

Old man:
Originally Posted by Old man
Have you considered transferring to Penn State?
Well I can't choose university based on my personal interests such as the paranormal. I am very happy with my choice of university because it has a very good optical physics department which is rare to come by and I want to work with light.

Originally Posted by Old man
You wouldn’t have to "know". The information is imbedded in the word, as UncaYimmy pointed out. My point is simply that you wouldn’t necessarily have to be able to define '-ectomy' in order to have a flash of insight concerning it.
If I had been on Who Wants To Be A Millionare and I'm on the final, million dollar question, and I have done 50/50 and there are only two options: "Does vasectomy involve an incision, or the removal of tissue?" I would have used all my might, and answered: Incision! That is why I was surprised to observe that tissue had in fact been removed. Very often my observations contradict what my beliefs and assumptions are, and interestingly I have yet never been incorrect in my medical information.

Originally Posted by Old man
Or, maybe your synesthesia is a transference of subconscious (but learned and retained) knowledge into impressions of ‘color’ and ‘vibrations’.
If so it does not account for all of the experiences I've had with this.

Originally Posted by Moochie
That's neither here nor there. The term, "paranormal," need never enter into the discussion with your peers or professors. You describe what you're claiming as an "ability." You could just as easily have approached anyone with your "concern" that you somehow "sense" things about people. Sorry, but I don't believe you.
I am in a very professional, scientific environment and aim high in a medical, scientific field. I will not disgrace myself by coming across in a way that injures the impression I make. It is alright to have paranormal interests on my spare time, but I choose not to involve these into my dealings with pure and established science. I'd rather have you not believe in me as a paranormal person, than to have my instructors not believe in me as a scientist.

Originally Posted by Moochie
And what response did you receive? Why haven't you included that (the professors' response) in your response to my obviously incredulous previous post?
Alright I will share this with you. The first professor I shared this with thought it was very "unusual" although he was objective and did not assume one way or the other and I was happy to have been able to share this with someone, especially someone such as a science professor. The second professor I shared this with expressed tremendous interest and curiosity in knowing more, and let me know that he would be interested in finding out what the results of the tests are. With this professor I discussed my theories as to what the nature of this ability could be. The third professor was very objective and offered a suggestion of how this might be possible, suggesting that I might be picking up on thermal information. He specializes in optical instruments and has great interest in how different species take in information to translate this into understanding of the world. I do not want to involve any of the faculty in my private and somewhat unconventional study. Do they wish to have involvement they will have to take that step not me.

Originally Posted by Moochie
Are you kidding me? With every sentence you type my confidence in your credibility erodes more.

Originally Posted by Moochie
Why? This makes no sense whatever.
I do not want my university involved in this study because that is not the reason why I attend my university. I take my career and university seriously. No matter how sincere I personally am in my own paranormal experience I must adopt the same perspective on this as the scientific community does. It makes perfect sense to me to do this.

Originally Posted by Moochie
I didn't say that I didn't like it, only that it looks juvenile. I have seen worse.
I did worry that my webpage would be too pink for most people, then again I just wanted to have fun with it and to apply a personal touch to it, to use format and color that I like, because it is not a professional page, it is a personal page. You should see my bedroom.

Originally Posted by Moochie
Great! I like cartoons!
We all do.
Originally Posted by Moochie
The more likely scenario will probably be that you will sink back into the oblivion from whence you came. Gone and forgotten.
Well Honeybunches I am not here for the attention. I just want a paranormal test and to be here to discuss it with you all. Thanks for all the love.
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