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911files Permanently Closed For Business

I have shut down my blog, It was cyber-attacked a year ago (along with another php site I have) and the SQL database was corrupted resulting in the loss of a lot of work. Since then, I have had to practically close off the comments section (that is how the site was attacked).

It is not good to do work in a vacuum and contrary to popular belief; I am not all knowing or all seeing. I need input from credible professionals from a wide range of expertise. I have in the past worked “off the record” with many individuals, some who are part of the Truth movement. I respect their expertise, motivation and concerns, even if I don’t agree with their conclusions. However, my willingness to listen and explore non-traditional views of the 9/11 topic have brought me under attack once again. This is not from rational or mainstream individuals, but from the very people I have tried to be sympathetic to. As such, I am severing those relationships.

Moderating and maintaining an online presence which lends to open debate is a monumental task at times. It is one that I prefer not to deal with since it distracts from actually getting any work done. So I will leave AAL77.COM up as a resource for other researchers, but I have decided to use JREF to announce new materials or present any of my work. I look forward to a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas here at JREF.
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