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One video that keeps popping up when "explosives" are discussed -- particularly when anyone asks why we don't hear any during the collapses -- is this one:

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Usually, this is attributed to explosions at WTC 7, but I've never been able to find out when and where the video was shot. But one version I found on YouTube had a comment mentioning Broadway and Murray. Using the "street view" photos in Google maps, I've found that phone booth: It's on the north side of Murray, just west of West Broadway:

When the camera turns and shows another fireman approaching from east on Murray, we can see that the sun is almost directly behind him:

Using the sun position calculator on the Naval Observatory website, we can tell when the sun was in that approximate position on 9/11/2001 in NYC:

Astronomical Applications Dept.
U.S. Naval Observatory
Washington, DC 20392-5420

o , o ,
W 73 55, N40 44

Altitude and Azimuth of the Sun
Sep 11, 2001
o , o ,
W 73 55, N40 44

Time Altitude Azimuth (E of N)
09:00 37.0 121.5
09:10 38.6 123.9
09:20 40.2 126.5 <---
09:30 41.7 129.1
09:40 43.1 131.9
09:50 44.5 134.7 <---
10:00 45.8 137.8

The table gives Eastern Standard Time, but NYC was on Daylight Savings Time on 9/11, so the video was probably shot sometime between 10:20 AM and 10:50 AM. In other words, it was probably shot between the times that WTC2 and WTC1 collapsed, or it may have been somewhat after WTC1 collapsed -- perhaps even during the collapse, and what we hear is WTC 7 getting hit with debris. Of course, WTC 7 collapsed some 7 hours later. I don't know what that sound was (or if it's been faked), but we are certainly not hearing the "explosives" that caused the "sudden onset of free-fall" in WTC7 (some 1.75 seconds after the whole building was already falling).

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