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Yet more Richard Gage lies: experts agree with him?

One of the most reprehensible things this scumbag Gage does in his PowerPoint presentation is lie about legitimate, reknowned professionals supporting his claims. Here are some of the people he cites in a section called "Experts Agree."

Gage repeatedly cites Mike Taylor, the head of the National Demolition Association, in support of his claims. Here’s what Mike Taylor told me when I asked him about that: “The fall of the structures occurred because of a variety of circumstances ALL related to the crashing of the two airplanes into them. Numerous studies have been conducted by various governmental and independent entities to back this claim."

Gage cites fire scientist James Quintiere as being critical of the NIST report. He fails to cite Dr. Quintiere's conclusion, which is that towers likely would have collapsed from the fires alone, even without the structural and fireproofing damage caused by airliners hitting them.

Gage cites reknowned structural engineer Matthys Levy, who worked independently on the collapse investigations as saying, "It looks like a managed demolition.” Here’s what Levy actually says: "SOME people might thinks this: it LOOKS like a controlled demolition. But it has NOTHING to do with it."

In his slide show Gage says about structural engineer Ronald Hamburger, “Even FEMA's Structural Engineer Questions the Collapses.” Perhaps Gage should have attended Ronald Hamburger’s ANTI-conspiracy talk about the collapse of the WTC buildings at the Center for Inquiry in San Francisco.

Gage cites explosives expert Van Romero in support of his claims. Here’s what Romero says: "Certainly the fire is what caused the building to fail."

Gage takes Dutch demolitions contractor Danny Jowenko’s word as authoritative that building 7 was brought down by explosives. I assume that Gage ALSO takes Jowenko's word as authoritative that the Twin Towers were NOT brought down by explosives.
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