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Originally Posted by Corsair 115 View Post
Uh, it's not a smart move to tick off the camera department. They can make the actor's day a rough one. Say the actor gives a great take... the camera guys go, "Ooops, sorry, hair in the gate. We need another take." So the actor pours out another great take... the camera guys go, "Ooops, sorry, that one was soft. We need to go again." Repeat as needed. And then there's the fact that they can make any actor look terrible on film by lighting them the wrong way.

Don't tick off the camera department, folks.

Sounds like subtle sabotage. I don't think any camera department will be trying that with Christian Bale. Apparently, he fights back. And in the famous words of the Glenn Ford character in The Violent Men, "Don't force me to fight, because you won't like my way of fightin'"
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