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Uh, it's not a smart move to tick off the camera department. They can make the actor's day a rough one. Say the actor gives a great take... the camera guys go, "Ooops, sorry, hair in the gate. We need another take." So the actor pours out another great take... the camera guys go, "Ooops, sorry, that one was soft. We need to go again." Repeat as needed. And then there's the fact that they can make any actor look terrible on film by lighting them the wrong way.
I very much doubt a Focus Puller with start doing that sort of crap to back up a DP. DPs generally come through the lighting department, not Camera, and Shane Hurlbut is no exception.

Aside from that, in my experience Focus Pullers are the most precise, technical capable, and professional people on a film set. It comes with the job.

Now the lighting department, yeah I could see them doing crap like that.

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The stories about Cameron on set are legendary, no doubt. Though in a recent interview here on the CBC show The Hour, Cameron more or less admits to being something of an s.o.b. on set, but says he has a better attitude now and saw the errors in his old ways.
How recent? My friend worked with him on Avatar last year and said the guy's a total ass-wipe.

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