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Originally Posted by calebprime View Post
@ Lonewulf

mitigating circumstances:

1) He's an intense actor, hired for that trait.
2) There was a provocation
3) He complains about the provocation, he doesn't globalize that much
4) He wants to get back to work

(5) ? again, it matters a good deal what was being said back to him--the worst thing you can do with someone who is upset like this is not to take him seriously
Er, "he wants to get back to work"?

You didn't listen to the clip, I see. Since he did anything but get back to work, as the other guy tried to placate him and get back to work, just as mentioned. Bale would "calm down" for a second, then come back, getting worse and worse, eventually threatening to do physical harm to him.

So strike 4. As for 3, I'm pretty sure the provocation wasn't worth "kicking his ass". In fact, takes get ruined all the time. What the hell do you think blooper reels are for?

The "mitigating circumstances" just seems like an excuse to apologize for the rich/famous. The response didn't match the provocation, I can't get away with insulting and physically threatening a coworker just because I'm "intense" (even if I landed an acting gig), unless I somehow got incredibly famous/rich, and 4 is just outright wrong.
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