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Originally Posted by Lonewulf View Post
Er, "he wants to get back to work"?

You didn't listen to the clip, I see. Since he did anything but get back to work, as the other guy tried to placate him and get back to work, just as mentioned. Bale would "calm down" for a second, then come back, getting worse and worse, eventually threatening to do physical harm to him.

So strike 4. As for 3, I'm pretty sure the provocation wasn't worth "kicking his ass". In fact, takes get ruined all the time. What the hell do you think blooper reels are for?

The "mitigating circumstances" just seems like an excuse to apologize for the rich/famous. The response didn't match the provocation, I can't get away with insulting and physically threatening a coworker just because I'm "intense" (even if I landed an acting gig), unless I somehow got incredibly famous/rich, and 4 is just outright wrong.
I did in fact listen to the clip, and he says several times, let's do another take. I read his behavior as being psyched, stressed, and impatient.

McEnroe was far more obnoxious than this.

Gumboot has already spoken to the way things are done on set. The norm for behavior is not the same as the norm for an office. This doesn't excuse whatever his behavior was, but it also speaks to one of the main issues here: People who are used to polite conversation and a high degree of inhibition are going to be a little shocked or perhaps envious. Someone dropped his smiley face!

Whether he was actually threatening (in the physical sense) is not there for us to see--that's a matter of who was standing where, conveying what body language.

Anger occurs in time. You get angry, you're that way for a minute or two.

Perhaps he's an asshat--I have no idea from this clip.

I'm not going to go back and listen again--unless there's some serious issue about who said what that would change things. Once was enough. If we want to get into close reading, I think we should transcribe it. Turn up the gain enough, we can hear both sides of the conversation, although not what led up to it. But I'm not going to do this, unless I'm really desperate for something to do.

My scorn is reserved for the 6 O'clock News types who were chortling over this, enjoying it, and pulling out cliches like "Someone is going to need to attend his anger management classes!"

These are the people I fear, not the "bullies" or "temperamental" types.

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