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A letter of thanks to Richard Gage

I had wanted to post this to the existing thread, but it was closed due to off-topic posts.

from: Mark Roberts
to: Richard Gage
date: Mon, Feb 16, 2009
subject: Thanks!

Dear Richard,

I note with interest your promotion of Anders Bjorkman as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's "Petitioner of the Month" for February. I wholeheartedly agree that he's a fitting addition to your pantheon of "professional" petitioners. Take care that he doesn't steal your limelight though: his "3.5 m tower (95 boxes) with an 0.5 m pizza impactor" has had an ecstatic reception from bedazzled four-year-olds at ChuckE.Cheese's restaurants nationwide.

From my website:

We've seen the staggeringly ignorant and outright bizarre nonsense spewed by Gage and the "experts" whose opinions he promotes. Is Björkman's promotion by AE911Truth another fallacious appeal to authority, or has he done some sensible analysis of the events of 9/11? Bjorkman posts as "Heiwa" on the JREF forum:
I note also that in addition to still not correcting your online slide presentation's avalanche of major errors about the events of 9/11, you continue to claim that your organization has a full-time staff of a dozen people. You'll recall that this was the first thing I corrected you about during our Hardfire shows. I'm very curious to know how you justify to yourself this blatant lie when appealing for money.

Mark Roberts
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