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Originally Posted by Heiwa View Post
I clicked on the link and could not find any 60-million-pound block of ice.

There is mention of 30 000 ton of water being poured on WTC 1 with no effect other than people getting wet in the plaza. And maybe Heiwa suggested 30 000 ton of ice cubes to be put in a G&T at 5 pm? You have to quote correctly, Gravy. That's rule number 1. Don't invent things.

Re Bjorkman - just quote what he says in his articles and if you find anything wrong just send him (me) an e-mail. You'll get an answer.
From the linked post (bolding mine):

Originally Posted by Heiwa
2. Drop an ice block of 30 000 tons (same amount of PE) on WTC1 and the steel columns of WTC1 will break the ice and the PE ends up as small ice blocks in the streets of NYC. Agree? Ice is slightly more solid than water but not rigid! Don't you break ice and put it in your G&T at 5 pm?
30,000 tons * 2000 lbs/ton = 60,000,000 lbs, just as Gravy said.
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