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Some Einstein at YouTube left the following comment:

Did you really have to keep the 1 1/2 minutes of nothing at the beginning?
I only responded “Yes” to his comment because I felt anyone stupid enough to ask that question would not understand the reason why even if I explained it. A more complete answer would have been that "it is not nothing you idiot!" Fortunately, JREF has a slightly higher IQ level going for it so I’ll explain why here for anyone who really wants to know.

There is no time stamp for this video. That means the only way a time correlation can be done is by matching events in the video with another video record. In this case, the traffic on Army-Navy is the best independent reference common to both the DEA footage and the Doubletree north camera.

Notice just two intersections east is the DT camera and the two vehicles circled traveling in opposite directions provide a good common reference for someone to use for such a purpose. But, there may be other vehicles which serve the purpose better. I have not had time to look further into such a correlation, but there are some here (like Mangoose and Boone370) who are very detailed oriented and might want to attempt such a correlation. It could even be someone not even related to JREF wanting to attempt the same thing. But if I chopped off the first 1.5 minutes of video which provides this traffic as a reference, then such a task would be much more difficult.

But then again, I don't suspect I had to tell the majority of you folks that.
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