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This is similar to my first impression:

Originally Posted by jimd3100
OK so the guy that runs the site emailed me back--he is being very helpfull, so any accusations that he is a shill or trying to "cover it up" is just stupid. His take on it...I'd like to just copy the email, but is that like bad etiquette? Huh

Anyway his take is that he believes on the report the incoming calls are actually outgoing calls,...they have it reversed. The reason he believes this is the 21 minute conversation that is reported in the document as incoming, is at 7:43 which he said the famous conversation between Beamer and the airline and was at 8:43-- and that would be an outgoing call. Time zones accounting for the difference. He thinks the woodbridge calls(being incoming instead of outgoing )might be someone-- NTSB possibly, trying to locate the wreckage by calling this phone, or maybe something else. He also states that "they don’t hesitate to cut out anything they please, so I tend to suspect that anything they release is generally either 1) innocuous or 2) obscure enough that they don’t know it’s important. In this case, the weirdness is not obscure, so I would tend to think it’s probably innocuous. ;-)"
Originally Posted by jimd3100
he might be correct, when he says the outgoing calls are incoming calls, and the incoming calls are outgoing calls.

The reason being the report is from his carrier, verizon. So when their customer (Beamer) makes outgoing call, it goes to them to send, so to them it is incoming, when someone calls Beamer it goes to them to send to him, so it's outgoing....

The famous conversation was not 21 minutes but 13 minutes.

Call made by gte airphone

The 21 minute call was placed by Beamer at 7:43 just like the time says...he was from Cranbury NJ so he would be on Eastern time. Probably discussing the late plane takeoff, as the plane was supposed to leave at 8:00 but was late and left at 8:42.
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