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I will type up some comments and conclusions about my survey which should answer these questions that I knew were UpcomingTM.
Is this the first time you have ever seen individual air molecules? Specifically, which molecules did you see? Can we use this to create a test?
I have seen individual air molecules before. Years ago, before I had the knowledge that nitrogen comes as a molecule of two joint nitrogen atoms in air, I had the experience of seeing a nitrogen molecule, with the typical neon green I always see nitrogen and as a pair of two atoms! It contradicted with what my prior belief or assumption would have been at that time. Of course I could have had subconscious knowledge, but here's how I've explained this to you before with whether I could have known that a vasectomy involved the removal of tissue,
Originally Posted by VisionFromFeeling
Let me bring this up again: If I were on Who Wants To Be A Millionare? and it is the last, million dollar question, I have done 50/50, and all that remains is: "Vasectomy involves... an incision, or the removal of tissue?" I use all my knowledge and all my might, and I answer "incision", and lose the million dollars. I assure you I was under the assumption that a vasectomy involves an incision.
The same would have happened back then had I been asked whether nitrogen in air is one atom or two atoms each. Of course now as a Chemistry major I definitely know better. But yes, I've perceived air molecules before. But I don't often.

If the air quality in a room becomes bad, ie. if people are breathing in it and there is no exchange with fresh air, I perceive a build-up of carbon dioxide which looks black and red. Yes I can definitely conceive tests to check whether my perception of air molecules correlates with actual information or whether these are impressions subjective to me. I'd love to find out which is the case, even if that doesn't touch my main claim.
In what way do blacks have different tissues and internal chemicals? Blacks do not have fewer health problems. In the USA they have more health problems than whites.
Well, according to my perceptions I perceive that in general and among what I have been exposed to, black people would have better health than white people. I don't make conclusions based on that, this is simply what I perceive. Alright, here it is:

I perceive that the bodies of black people would react very differently to having an open flesh-wound than would white people. That they have a much stronger system that produces the sticky yellow liquid that washes, seals, dries, and protects a wound.

I perceive that black people have much fewer different types of chemicals in the body than do white people. Enzymes, perhaps. The variety of chemicals in white people's blood and tissues is much more diverse. According to my perception.

I hate to say it but I perceive that black people in general would have a shorter lifespan.

I hate to say it but I perceive a much larger variety of health problems and also of genetic problems and structural abnormalities in white people than I do in black people. Thus black people being healthier with this regard.

I perceive that black people would be more prone to ankle arthritis or ankle problems, whereas white people would be more prone to wrist arthritis or wrist problems.

But in my perception, most other things are quite the same!
Please elaborate. What internal ear parts are pushed inwards?
Slightly affected the ear drum but mainly affected one of the pointy structures behind the eardrum, either the malleus, the incus or the stapes but not affected the vestibular system, cochlea, or other deeper embedded structures.
On what basis did you conclude that you transmit some beam from your vision eye, whatever that is?
Because in my perception, the small-scale material of the lung tissue begun to vibrate differently due to the interaction with an incoming and interfering beam of some sort from outside the body, and it happened in the regions that I was targeting. I could perceive that surrounding tissue was not reacting this way. This is a mystery. I won't even try to offer an explanation to what this means, or doesn't mean. And I don't think it matters. I'm more interested now in what I can do. Not how it would come about.
Overall, I would say that you wasted your time.
I would say that I gained more experience with my medical perceptions. I learned that I need a room that is not drafty, where the air is normal room temperature or slightly warmer and not cool like at a mall entrance. I got the beginnings of a rough estimate of how often I perceive something in a random sample of people and relation to the demographics of people. Confirmation that I being from Northern Europe do not have much experience with perceiving black people's tissue and that I would prefer all Caucasian on my paranormal test. An idea of how many seconds I need to form images. Distance between me and the persons that is required. What would be distractions, so that I don't have to go all the way to Hollywood and encounter previously unimaginable distractions and tell the IIG that I can't do it. And much more. It was a good little survey. I might have another one.
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