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Originally Posted by malcolmxwarrior View Post
Not the wonderful jews who have rewarded us Americans for all the support and money we have given them(sarcasm). I mean these jews in Israel have been SOOOOOOO grateful for the weapons and bombs and moral support etc. that we have given them. For all the things we've done for them, what do we get in return? NOTHING!
A partial list of what Jews have given us:

Jeans (Levi Strauss)
Lipstick (Maurice Levy)
the ballpoint pen (Lazlo Biro)
the atomic bomb (J. Robert Oppenheimer)
instant photography (Edwin Land)
Holography (Denis Gabor)
the LP record (Peter Goldmark)
TV remote control (Robert Adler)
thermonuclear bomb (Edward Teller)
cardiac defibrillator (Paul Zoll)
cardiac pacemaker (Paul Zoll)
videotape (Charles Ginsburg)
the laser (Gordon Gould)
genetic engineering (Stanley Cohen)
virtual reality (Jason Lanier)
theory of relativity (Albert Einstein)
atomic theory (Niels Bohr)
the neutrino (Frederick Reines)
quantum electrodynamics (Richard Feynman)
superconductivity (Leon Cooper)
discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation (Arno Penzias)
members of the NFL Hall of Fame (Al Davis, coach; Benny Friedman, quarterback; Sid Gillman, coach; Marv Levy, coach; Sid Luckman, quarterback;Ron Mix, tackle)
members of the baseball Hall of Fame (Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax)
15 members of the basketball Hall of Fame
literature (Saul Bellow, Isaac Asimov, Judy Blume, Joseph Brodsky, Franz Kafka, Norman Mailer, Bernard Malamud, Boris Pasternak, Chaim Potok, Marcel Proust, Ayn Rand, J.D. Salinger, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Leon Uris, Elie Wiesel, Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz, Danielle Steele, Allen Ginsberg, Gertrude Stein, Arthur Miller, Rod Serling, Shel Silverstein, Anne Frank, Shelby Foote, Carl Sagan)
Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc, Fritz Freleng)
Popeye (Max Fleisher)
Batman (Bob Kane)
Spiderman (Stan Lee)
Superman (Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel)
Societal advice (Gene Shalit, Gene Siskel, Abigail Vna Buren, Ann Landers, Ruth Westheimer)
NBC (David Sarnoff)
Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Showtime, UPN, Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster (Sumner Redstone)
Comcast (Ralph Roberts, Julian Brodsky, Daniel Aaron)
Saturday Night Live (Lorne Michaels)
Charlie's Angels (Aaron Spelling)
other entertainment (Larry King, Jack Klugman, Ted Koppel, Tim Allen, Marv Albert, Jason Alexander, Harvey Korman, Michael Landom, Matt Lauer, Gypsy Rose Lee, Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Jerry Lewis, Hal Linden, Roseanne Barr, Bill Maher, Groucho Marx, Milton Berle, Jackie Mason, Jack Benny, Wolf Blitzer, David Brenner, Tom Bosley, Debra Messing, Bess Myerson, George Burns, Joyce Brothers, Red Buttons, Eddie Cantor, Leonard Nimoy, Sid Caesar, Joan Collins, Howard Cosell, Sara Jessica Parker, Fran Drescher, Maury Povich, Peter Falk, Gilda Radner, Tony Randall, Carl Reiner, Rob Reiner, Al Franken, Raul Reiser, Geraldo Rivera, Joan Rivers, Allen Funt, Estelle Getty, Elliot Gould, Teri Gross, Laura Schlesinger, Charles Grodin, Jerry Seinfel, William SHatner, Dinah Shore, hil Silversm Judd Hirsch, Jerry Springer, Leslie Stahl, Howard Stern, Mike Wallace, Andy Kaufman, Barbara Walters, Danny Kaye, Henry Winkler, Ed Wynn, Alan King)
Dell (Michael Dell, Larry Ellison)
Google (Sergy Brin)
Oracle (Larry Ellison)
Lotus 123 (Mitch Kapor)
NAACP (Joel Spingarn, Henry Moscowitz)
ACLU (Stephen Wise, Felix Frankfurter)
Greenpeace (Irving and Dorothy Stowe)
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