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Originally Posted by No Such Agency View Post
ULTIMA1. If you work where you say, you'll have no trouble correctly answering the following questions:

How many phones are there on your desk, and what color(s) are they?
Describe, in detail, what is displayed in the top center of your screen at all times during the work day.
How many digits are there in an "internal" phone number?
What is your internal phone number?
What organization (alphanumeric identifier) do you currently work for?
What is your SID?

(None of the answers to these questions are classified.)
Sorry it has taken so long to get back but have been working on a lot of research.

Please be adult enough to admit the following answers to your questions are correct.

1. There are 2 phones, 1 black and 1 gray.

2. The classification of the system is displayed at the top center of the screen.

3. An internal phone number consist of the last 4 digits.

4. I work for S2J13 but might be changing.

5. My SID is remisne.
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