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Another thing that we know - from the NIST report and the experiment in Appendix D (where we get the nice photo from) we know that the steels natural oxide layer will spall (fall off in laymens terms) at 650C. Therefore if the layer of red paint which Jones claims is thermite ever heated up then a 650C the oxide layer would spall removing the thermite from contact with the steel. The oxide layer is brittle - we see that in Jones' own SEM photographs Fig 4 and 5 and we know that rust is incoherent (crystally) with the parent material so any thermal shock such as quick heating and it's going to spall.

We should congratulate Jones because the only piece of science Jones has done is to clear up the source or a source of his microspheres:

A source of micro-spheres in the WTC dust is burnt paint.

which means that anyone stripping paint with a blow torch whether it be at home or cleaning the Brooklyn Bridge or whatever, if they are stripping red paint they will be producing iron rich microspheres.

Thank you, you've been a lovely audience, good night and god bless (or be touched by his noodley appendage)

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