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Originally Posted by T.A.M. View Post
SO the person who provided you the photo, and analyzed Jones chips, what does he/she think of (A) the photo, and (B) his chips?

The irony is they are a truther! But they have a sample that has three layers which are distinct. We have the top layer or red layer as Jones calls it. The we have the "gray layer" and then we have a fibrous crystalline material that can only be metal. So we now have an iron oxide sandwiched between paint and steel. No guesses as to where the oxide is from eh? It can only be from one source and thats the metal (which is steel because he has spectra and makes the same mistake of dismissing the Carbon - see page 16).

Jones never discusses the oxide layer in any detail, they literally ignore it. They don't even say - yes this is rust from the steel that the thermite was painted on and a bit has flaked off. They ignore this layer. Infact we don't even have any photos of the underside of the "gray layer". All the shots, SEM included are from the top or sides. Fishy eh?

Anyway here is the French data kindly provided by moorea34 (cheers).

He does what Jones should do and link to where he takes the EDS from. Unfortunately on the corresponding EDS spectra the RHS of the slide is cut off so it's hard to see which "aspiro" correlates with which point. His data is similar to Jones which is not a problem, but his SEM skills are better and there is detail in the EDS spectra.
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