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This post may belong most appropriately in a thread more based on Bigfoot tracks in particular or even a new thread. In fact, without a doubt this post could be very appropriately placed in the thread "Fabricating Bigfoot Evidence -Is It Incompetence Or Deception". However, as it coming from the BFRO and is more of their silliness, I feel it is best placed here. There is also the fact that I can be sure that BFRO president Matt Moneymaker will be sure not to miss it here.

This post is regarding the BFRO's front page claims regarding Bigfoot snow tracks for the winter of 2008/2009. First I will provide a link to their main page on the subject:

The question of what Bigfoot does during the winter in northern latitudes is one that often is raised in the discussion of the plausibility of Bigfoot existing as described by Bigfoot enthusiasts. Most recently the issue was discussed at length between Vortigern99 and myself in which Bigfoot entering a kind of torpor was suggested. The conclusion of that part of the discussion by Vort and myself was that Bigfoot denning and entering hibernation or torpor was not a realistic answer for Bigfoot dealing with northern winters and its daily caloric needs while escaping classification.

Bigfoot snowtracks have often been discussed among Bigfoot skeptics at the JREF. From various methods of creating them to the many ways of misidentifying the impressions of known animals we have looked at the issue in great detail. Never in a single instance have we seen any case which posed any significant challenge to explain by means not including a massive bipedal non-human primate roaming winter landscapes and eluding modern science.

In the above link to the BFRO they present ten cases of alleged sasquatch snow tracks, one of which they have identified as being fake. It is my contention that in all other cases they are either misidentified or faked. I think in most cases misidentification is the most likely answer. I will even go as far as to suggest that it is no problem for the BFRO to reach the same conclusion but they do not do so in the interest of generating more "Bigfoot" evidence and thereby bring a greater sense of legitimacy to their endeavours.

Let's start with some quotes from that page regarding Bigfoot migration and hibernation meant to clarify the BFRO's position on the subjects.


Originally Posted by BFRO
The Relevance to Migration

Many people ask and wonder whether these animals migrate with the seasons, moving from the northern latitudes to the southern latitudes to avoid the snowy winters. No evidence, annecdotal or otherwise, suggests this pattern of seasonal migration. Whereas photos of snow tracks in the northern latitudes deep into winter suggest that the populations in those latitudes remain there throughout the year.

There is annecdotal data to suggest a pattern of elevation migration with the seasons in mountainous regions, but elevation migration would usually not take them out of the same county, or cluster of counties.

Originally Posted by BFRO
The Relevance to Hibernation

Many people ask and wonder whether they hibernate during the winter in northern latitudes, like bears. There has never been any evidence, annecdotal or otherwise, to suggest they hibernate through the winter. Whereas photos of snow tracks in the northern latitudes deep into winter, along with dozens of other similar track finds in the past, in the snow, that were not photographed, suggest they do not hibernate like bears.
So here we have the BFRO forwarding the concept of a massive North American mammal that unlike wolverines remain in relatively limited ranges and unlike bears do not den and enter a state torpor in the winter of northern latitudes. I think it takes very little critical thinking to realize that such conditions inevitably lead to situations where Bigfoot eluding identification is unlikely in the extreme. Can a Bigfoot scrounge 12,000 kcal/day in Wisconsin during the winter and not be discovered? I say not, nope, nuh-uh.

In following posts I will address each of the cases the BFRO lists individually but for now will quote their commentary on some of the most notable and discussion of the criteria for discerning what qualifies as sasquatch snow tracks (bolding and italics mine):

Originally Posted by BFRO
Canadians and Americans need to become familiar with authentic sasquatch snow tracks, especially while there is still snow on the ground in many parts of the continent. With this in mind, the decision was made to release a gallery of track photos from recent weeks before many more details and analyses could be accumulated. Some initial assumptions may be corrected in time regarding some of these track finds.

A few issues naturally arise when presenting a collection of snow tracks photos: 1) How can we be so sure they not all fakes? 2) How can we be sure they are not misidentified animal tracks or misidentified human tracks? 3) What is significance of snow tracks of sasquatches?

Though we cannot be sure that all of them are authentic sasquatch tracks, we are indeed very confident that some of them are authentic sasquatch tracks. Along with the tracks that we strongly suspect are authentic, we've also included some images that may not show authentic tracks, to show some of the differences. For example, there is a set of photos taken north of Seattle (look for the red icon on the map), showing tracks that were faked. The tracks found in Ontario, Canada (shown with the yellow icon) are still undetermined because of how much they were degraded, but they may be the impressions of a rabbit hopping through the snow. The tracks found in North Dakota may be existing compressions of snow that were modified to look like a large foot -- partially faked.

The photos did not all come from one source. Some of the tracks were found by our own investigators in the field. Others came from random people. The photos from Wisconsin were taken two days after a daylight road-crossing sighting at that spot. We are very confident in those tracks, and well as the tracks from SE OH and those from Puget Sound, Washington. Those three can be regarded as standards to which all others can be compared.
For now I'm going to start with a preliminary examination of the Wisconsin impressions. I call them impressions rather than tracks to distinguish the difference between the sign made by an animal's foot and those of an animal's entire body bounding through snow. The Wisconsin photo is the first shown on the above BFRO link and has the following description under it (bolding mine):

Originally Posted by BFRO
This photo from Wisconisn continues to astound people. The snow was 18 inches deep. The larger tracks on the right were not made by a coyote or rabbit leaping through the snow. The tracks were made by a large sasquatch stepping through the snow, and stepping over the fence in the process. The sasquatch tracks intersect with a line of deer tracks. The sasquatch was probably trying to catch up to the deer. These Wisconsin photos show what many witnesses have described in the past -- a tall sasquatch easily stepping over a barbed wire fence without even slowing down. The sasquatch that made these tracks is likely 8-9 feet tall. Click the image for more information and to find a larger version.
Here is a link to the the southeast Wisconsin page:

What we see here is two lines of impressions in the snow. One has been attributed to a deer while the other has been unequivocally attirbuted to Bigfoot. Here is a quote from the top of the Wisconsin tracks page (bolding mine):

Originally Posted by BFRO
These photos from southeast Wisconsin were taken on February 4th and 5th. A motorist spotted an apparent sasquatch crossing a rural road at 9 AM on February 2, 2009. He described a huge "jet black" bipedal animal. The photos were taken two days later when he and others returned to the area.

Other tracks were found and photographed 5 miles away the next day. Some of the tracks are made by known animals. Photos seven (7) and eight (8) apparently show impressions of a coyote leaping through the snow, but those were at a different location than the impressions shown in one (1) and two (2). Those first three photos were not made by a coyote or rabbit bounding through the snow.

The fence in photos one, two and three is 3 feet high. The squares in the fence are 6'' square. The snow is approximately 20'' deep at the fence.

In addition to the bipedal tracks there were many deer, turkey and small game tracks in the area.
The BFRO's logic regarding these tracks that they have confidently labeled Bigfoot is that the Bigfoot was following a deer in what we can assume was a predatory behaviour. How have they done this? Why would a coyote not find and approach such tracks or even a rabbit? And hello, Mary. Is a giant top heavy bipedal ape fast enough to chase down a deer in snow??? The BFRO has ruled out coyote and rabbit as a source for the impressions. Here it is very important to note that in typical BFRO fashion, they have made it clear that detailed analyses have yet to be carried out. They give the excuse that eliciting further possible sasquatch snow tracks from readers is the reason for such impetus. This effectively negates the critical examination process in favour of accumulating further similar data. This is a ridiculousy flawed practice that basically allows them to sidestep scientific rigour and create the impression of having solid data set of winter Bigfoot evidence. They essentially throw the information out as Bigfoot evidence and leave it to heavily moderated discussion on their own Bigfoot forum to deal with further examination. A discussion monitored and moderated by those who have a vested interest in protecting the organization's proclamations of Bigfoot.

That thread is here:

One very important aspect of discerning a line of impressions left by an animals bound through snow is that they are in basically straight lines and defined by the forward movements of the quadrapedal animal's jumping locomotion. Conveniently for them and to the facepalm reaction of those people not so desperate with confirmation bias is this apparently telltale signature of Bigfoot in the snow detailed in the second photo on the main snow track page from Pudget Sound, Washington (bolding mine):

Originally Posted by BFRO
Authentic sasquatch tracks found by Derek Randles in the Puget Sound region of western Washington State, showing the classic long stride "high-wire" pattern. Click the image for more information.
BFRO, why do you publish such goddamn stupid @#$%? Do you ever get brain freeze from the raging cognitive dissonance or is it always a warm and fuzzy feeling?

In the upcoming posts I will make on the subject and more of the individual claims I will detail more of what I see as flailingly uncritical thinking. For now I will offer one further quote from the main snow track page that I think illustrates what I think of as BFRO facepalm behaviour (bolding mine... oh wait, the whole thing is fall-down stupid again):

Originally Posted by BFRO
Finding authentic sasquatch tracks in the snow is a unique, breathtaking experience. If you are ever so lucky, the scene will make your hair stand on end, as if your whole body knows that you cannot get away from this animal if it pursues you. Full grown sasquatches are large, swift, powerful apes that can easily overtake you and subdue you if they are so inclined. The fact that they don't do this (have only been known to do this in few cases where people have shot at them), should provide some comfort to people who may come across these types of tracks in remote areas.

Sasquatches won't hurt you or your children, even though they could, provided that you do not shoot at them. If you shoot guns at them, all bets are off in terms of how they might respond.
There it is, people. Finding the impressions of small to medium sized mammals jumping through snow that you think are made by the Boss of the Woods will set you in awe. It will lay you low. You will know that they can squish you like a bug. Don't worry about this. They only do this when you try to shoot one and get real proof. This has happened but not often, OK, so don't worry about spending $300 to come with us. We don't allow guns. We just don't want anybody getting shot. Though there has never been a single verified case of sasquatch inflicted injury, we know where the trouble is. Your kids are safe.
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