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Originally Posted by pteridine View Post
These guys ran the DSC in a flow of air with more than enough to burn anything burnable. Fires always show a nice exotherm.

Jones paper, Page 10, left column, lines 3-10:
The DSC tests were conducted with a linear heating rate of 10 C per minute up to a temperature of 700 C. During heating, the samples were contained in alumina pans and air was allowed to flow at 55 milliliters per minute during the heating.
Thanks, I missed that even though I searched this dog's breakfast of a paper.

Well that just about does it for me - these people are either completely inept and incompetent or they completely fail to understand the thermite reaction or they are utterly, utterly dishonest - maybe they are all three.

I just keep holding my head in my hands because I just cannot believe that anyone would be so stupid as to place a material compromising an iron oxide layer attached to a red layer containing aluminosilicates and Fe2O3 with an unknown Carbon based material, into a DSC, combust it and then claim a thermite reaction has taken place.

Game over - and truthers believe this <rule 10>? This paper wouldn't pass the criteria for publishing in the Beano let alone anything reputable.

Originally Posted by T.A.M. View Post
There has been a distinct quiet on this paper over the last few days. Some of it, in this thread, is due to the moderated status, but overall on this forum, those who came out of he woodwork seem to have gone back in...curious.
Funny that. The original thread ran to 40+ pages. I guess even truthers know they can't defend this appalling paper.
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