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Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
I was thinking about this earlier today and thought I would post it in this thread. One of the lines that the CIT-heads use constantly is, "What are the odds that all 13 of our eyewitnesses are wrong?"
I'll trust your math there, but 13 aren't wrong. Just a few, with the rest misread. Personally I agree even those few being independently wrong is slim, but throw in a few phone calls and it becomes more likely.

...all 13 of CIT's witnesses, which they claim are the only ones they could find...
They sorta claim that, but of course admit talking to quite a few others, who are just liars and stuff. Now I took a look at just what's published, no original interviews, and found 17 witnesses clearly describing the south path in some undeniable way. (there are several others less strong).
It's a great read, BTW.
Of these seventeen, CIT have spoken to twelve, some of them the CIT-provided interview contained the proof for SoC. Of these twelve witnesses, at least four have been strenuously dismissed as non-witnesses of the most sinister kind, doubt cast on two, and FIVE cherry-picked and claimed as unequivocal NoC peeps after all.

The remaining is their "flyover witness" who never said any such thing.

Oddly, there's also a case of them doing the opposite, and rejecting a handy NoC-supporting account to brand him a SoC official story MSM liar dude (Sucherman).

So by CIT logic, when they find a south path witnesses (England, McGraw, Zakhem, misread Sucherman, etc.) they become "suspect witnesses" and not counted. Unless they can "flip the votes," of course, their brains are rigged for it.

...there were other eyewitnesses that do not agree with NOC, but that CIT is not telling us about them.
Brainster earns his name! Except, of course, they are telling us ALL about them.

Rebel - yes, Paik is one of the south path witnesses. He consistently draws it wrong, least wrong in that pic, but he saw it down the Pike like everyone and indicates the correct wing bank and altitude. It's in their video - left wing low, no impossible knife-edge right bank.

Sylvan - Ironically, their take on Elgas is that her account is TOO detailed. It's suspicious!
They hate her as a witness, so they're well aware what side of the Citgo her master wanted her to mean. She's an SoC witness.

Bobert: Yup. Some accounts are claimed on nothing more than "it was over..." and ignoring like seven better clues to the contrary.

Stellafame - I'm still standing too close to them, huh? Perhaps I shuffle aside now...
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