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Alex Libman
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I have posted things like that on religious FidoNet and Usenet groups when I was like 12... Then I grew up and decided that life is too short to worry about other people's irrational beliefs, as long as they don't force those beliefs on others through violence.

As for Alex Jones, he does serve a useful purpose. In fact, even if the allegations made on his show were 100% random, that would still be the case - even a stopped (analog) clock is right twice a day, and the odds of any alleged government conspiracy theory being true are more like 1 in 5 rather than 1 in 720. Skepticism of a violent monopoly (i.e. government) is always good, even when its wrong, because when you violate the non-aggression principle the burden of proof is on you. Alex Jones doesn't need to prove that the government is doing something evil behind the closed doors, its enough that he reminds people that those closed doors exist!
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