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Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
My position on the bunnycaust is that I will believe that it happened if somebody can demonstrate it to me that it happened.

In Europe we hold the view that somebody is innocent until proven guilty very unlike jungles like the US (jungle, because the dudalbs, the dtuggs, the parkys and the finewines are in charge) where the rule is: 'listen pall, we're going to throw you in jail for 4 years. However, if you confess being guilty we'll reduce your sentence to 2 years' ('fleabargain').

So here is my request to the local Israel-Lobby here on this forum (dudalb, dtugg, parky, finewine and a few hundred more): demonstrate to me that 6 million people were gassed in WW2 under the Nazis.

Wait, I'll make it easy for you: prove that only one person was gassed.

Success (you may use a calculator for this exercise).
maybe you should look into it a bit more

what about the other 5 million they executed that werent jewish?
when they shot people in the streets, death marches, etc

this stuff is well documented
id say that you need to prove that a single jew (or political prisoner, gypsy, etc) wasnt killed and how it was fabricated - in your opinion
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