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Originally Posted by dtugg View Post
The Holocast is a historical fact and has been proven many times over, your heroes, the nazis even admitted it.
Hoess 'confessed' after severe torture but was smart enough to come up with a bogus confession about a non-existing camp (Wolzek). Fortunately Anglos are not very good at geography, so they swallowed it.

But the real trustworthy witnesses, the Red Cross, never noticed anything special about Auschwitz. Quite interesting that the Germans let the Red Cross in the camps, something your buddies, the Soviets, refused in their Gulags.

If you or one of your neo nazi pals wants to say it didn't happen, YOU have to offer proof. And, of course, you have got nothing.

I think that you know it happened. But it is terribly inconvinient to your nazi ideology so you pretend that it didn't. Can't have the jooos being victims can you?
Haha, it is now plain for everybody to see: dtugg is unable to provide proof.

Now bunnycaust troofer dtugg: give proof or shut up.

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