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My great-Aunt, Leah Zimmerman, lost her first husband and 2 children at Birkenau. I don't know if they were gassed or starved to death..but they didn't make it out.
I am very sorry to hear that Parky, but that's the issue we are debatting here: how they got killed and how many. Here is a summary of all registered deaths as documented by the Germans themselves and maintained by the ICRC:

And this is exactly what this english bishop Williamson was talking about: some 200.000 people killed in all German concentration camps, probably some half of them Jews. And that's a lot of people. But most people (according to the revisionists) died because of typhus.

9/11 Investigator- there are around 6 million missing Jews. Where do you think they went?

there were around 18 million Jews on Earth b4 WW2. The world Jewish population has NEVER recovered to that number.

Wo sind der Juden???
Most Jews had left Germany before the deportations started. A couple of thousand Jews lived in Palestine before 1940. How many now. 6 million? Where do they come from? How many went to the US. Think of this final scene in Schindlers List about this reunion of many Jews in the US. That's where they went.

But this is all diversions: where are the independent reports of autopsies of gassed people?
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