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Most Jews had left Germany before the deportations started. A couple of thousand Jews lived in Palestine before 1940. How many now. 6 million? Where do they come from? How many went to the US. Think of this final scene in Schindlers List about this reunion of many Jews in the US. That's where they went.

about 300,000 Jews remained in Germany by the time the ability to leave was ended.

before ww2, poland had around 3 million jews. after ww2, only around 300,000 remained. only 3,000 remained in Germany.

where did the missing 2.7 million Polish Jews go? they didnt go to Israel..and they didnt go to the USA. only 300,000 Polish Jews came to Israel. less went to the USA.

Ukraine is also missing about one million Jews. again, they did not go to the USA or Israel.

the only nation in Europe has had a net gain of Jews, after WW2, was Bulgaria, and that was by only 35,000. every other nation lost Jews..and many lost a whooooole lot.

that is, unless, you believe Israel is completely LYING about their population and immigration records.

thats one huge Zionist hoax!!!!! Israel really has 9 million Jews!!

I wish.

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