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Originally Posted by Eyeron View Post
Also, does anybody have any info on the results from the black box recovered from the plane?
Well hey! Here's the fun thing about this topic - it's so thoroughly debunked from so many angles it's just a cakewalk to pick the best angle and go for it.

Now on the black box, the results are: totally consistent with radar tracks for the majority of flight. The critical final stretch where it passed south of the Citgo is not in radar or FDR data. It was too low for radar to see and for whatever reason, the last several seconds (4-8?) of FDR data is missing. What IS there leads right to the south path and could only connect to North of the Citgo with probably impossible maneuvers.

Also, the FDR unit the data was pulled from was found well inside the pentagon among the rest of th eplane and many dead people and damaged columns, etc.

Your friend is on about the eyewitness flight path, and the FDR. Now, if she believes the FDR supports the north path witnesses, that's funny. The actual data does total zero to support north path, while an FDR-based animation that was poorly done seems to.

I have proven in different ways that the animation's apparent path is based on a ground-grid set to magnetic, not true north, and the final map area rotated the wrong way from that. Cumulative error, rougly measured, is almost exactly the heading diff. between the real data and the animated path. I made a video to illustrate my findings:
But the short story: that cartoon does NOT accurately represent the data, which is available in the form of tons o' numbers you could understand with some work...

Even the dummies who originated that idea no longer stand by it. Pilots for 9/11 Truth (or PFFFFFT as we call them) had made some noise about how "the FDR" shows the north path which means flyover, etc... then when this was shown dumber than dumb they tried to say they never said that. I cornered their leader on the issue, it's fun reading:

Does any of this answer your questions, or just got you more confused? I'm trying to help.
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