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Exclamation No EDM hot spots are seen in thermal maps of Tempel 1

EC universe: EDM removes material from the surface of comets and creates water from the material somehow.

Real universe:
Every jet that EDM in the EC idea produces must have an associated area of increased temperture (a hot spot) where EDM is converting/removing material. About twenty jets means about 20 hot spots.

We have a temperature map of Tempel 1.
How hot is it on Tempel 1? Researchers made a temperature map of the sunlit side. and found the hottest point nearly directly under the sun. It's 329 degrees Kelvin under the sun and 260 in the shade.
The coldest temperature is important because the temperature at which ices such as water, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide turn directly into gas is below 200 degrees Kelvin.
As you might expect, Tempel 1 is in equilibrium with sunlight meaning that there are no internal heat sources as there are within some planets. And that the surface does not retain the heat from the sun for long, it heats up quickly and cools quickly.
No mention of hot spots here except the one under the Sun.
Where are the other 19?
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