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proof positive that security guards do not make good cryptozoologists, most of them don't make good security guards especially as apparently they spend the whole shift looking at google earth
this is the monster blown up, ask yourself why didnt anyone else bother

as you can see its clearly not 65 feet long (as has been claimed by some reports), its actually about 10 metres long and you can clearly see that its fast moving because of the large visible wake, and from the shape of the wake you can tell that it has twin engines

this is the Ness Express

its 10 metres long and is a fast moving rubber inflatable boat that operates tours on the Loch every day, so any satellite image of the loch during daylight will have this on it. As you can see from the picture it leaves a large wake, it has twin engines

yanno I actually wrote to the telegraph who broke this story and you'll all be really surprised at their reply
they didn't thank me

they did however publish an additional article today
which includes
But it has now been suggested that the images are not of the mysterious creature but of the Ness Express, a boat which regularly tours the loch.
sometimes I wonder why I bother
I gave them the coordinates for another boat on the Loch for comparison, and they managed to mess that up by saying
Another image of the boat can be seen on Google Earth by entering the coordinates Latitude 5710'8.21"N, Longitude 437'53.37"W.
its not the same boat, its another boat but much more obviously so, and shows if anything that the original image is not submerged, who ever heard of an albino nessie anyway

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