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Ironically, as I was typing my earlier reply to the message below by MHaze, an editor at Wikipedia sent me an email which reads as follows:

Mr. Lazar:

Yes, there are big problems on the JBS wikipedia page. I spent some time last year trying to clean some of them up (mostly in the lead trying to accurately describe the JBS as "ultraconservative" and as a society that promotes conspiracy theories). The politics/political science/economics portion of wikipedia is a joke, and partisans of all sides keep it from being reliable. I know Chip Berlet put in a lot of time and effort to improve the articles that fell within his expertise, but he even had enough of the nonsense that certain editors pulled and quit altogether.

I'm going to try to fix some of the entries, like the Skousen and JBS pages, but I can't offer any promises. But thank you for your information. I think it will prove useful.

Best regards,

David Harding

Since David's message mentions Chip Berlet - and Chip has written extensively (books and articles and reports) about the history of right-wing conspiracy organizations, MHaze might want to review the acknowledgements page and one other page of Chip's book published in 2000 entitled Right-Wing Populism In America:

MHaze might also be interested in the following additional information:

In 1997, the FBI wanted to impose $4800 of "search fees" on my FOIA requests because they were so voluminous. In fact, at one point the Bureau told me I was their largest single requester (5% of all FOIA requests they received.)

The only way for me to successfully thwart the FBI's $4800 search fee request was by me submitting a fee exemption appeal.

My appeal was based upon my claim that I should be considered a freelance journalist.

One of the requirements of the FOIA for freelance journalist status is to use whatever data is obtained from the FBI and use one's editorial skills to turn that material "into a distinct and unique work" which then is distributed to an audience in a manner which educates the American public about some matter of significance.

In support of my contention, I provided the Bureau with letters from the following organizations, newspapers, and authors who either

(a) published my articles in their own publications or

(b) used data (or documents) I provided to them in their publications or

(c) recommended and affirmed the value my research for its contribution to understanding American history -- and in particular the FBI's role in monitoring political and educational organizations and extremist groups:

* American Library Association
* Task Force For Democracy
* Interchange (a consortrium of numerous groups who specialized in research and publications on political extremism in the U.S.)
* Group Research Inc. (Washington DC -- whose archives are now at Columbia University)
* National Association of Biology Teachers (because of my published book-length bibliography on the scientific creationism movement)
* Midwest Research, Inc (now known as Political Research Associates)
* American Jewish Committee
* People For The American Way
* Wall Street Journal
* Appleton WI Post-Crescent
* Indianapolis IN News
* Seattle Times
* San Francisco Chronicle

Books citing my research:

Gary E. McKuen: The Religious Right
John George and Laird Wilcox: Nazis, Communists, Klansmen and Others on the Fringe: Political Extremism in America
David Bollier: Liberty and Justice For Some
Henry M. Morris: History of Modern Creationism

The FBI accepted my fee waiver appeal -- and they accepted my contention that I qualified as a freelance journalist.

Since 1997, here are a few other places where you can see my research used in published articles and books and academic papers:

* Orange County Weekly (Costa Mesa CA)
* Dr. Veronica A. Wilson (history professor at Univ of Pittsburgh); academic paper entitled "Race, Representation, and John Birch Society Activist, Julia Brown"
* Dr. John Drabble: "The FBI, COINTELPRO-White Hate and the Decline of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in Alabama 1964-1971" published in January 2008 journal Alabama Review
* Dr. John Earl Haynes: Bibiography on Communism and Anti-Communism
* Alexander Zaitchik: Meet The Man Who Changed Glenn Beck's Life ( article)

Dr. John Drabble (whose academic journal article is mentioned above) visited me for several days and poured over dozens of my FBI files and copied thousands of pages of documents in my collection. After he left, he sent me the following letter:

"Thank you once again for allowing me to use your private collection of FBI documents last summer...The documents on the United Klans, the Minutemen, and other racist-right groups which I plan to look at this summer will help greatly in research for my book-length manuscript on COINTELPRO-White Hate as well as additional journal articles."


Originally Posted by mhaze View Post
Misrepresentation #8.

Asserting that the standard I apply to you would apply equally to a published and highly esteemed arthur contradicts my qualified statement:

But you are not a published author. You are not a history professor or scholar of the cold war. You are a conspiracy buff posting assertions on the internet. This means the standard of proof is higher, until and if general acknowledgement is reached on the value of the historical contributions.

Since you are a conspiracy buff, I think we should request the moderators to move this discussion to the conspiracy forum.
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