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I guess this would be a good time to add that NYCCANT did actually consult a real election lawyer (an experienced and well respected one) after they submitted their horrifically doomed-to-fail petition, but the real lawyer told them that their petition could not and would not possibly succeed.

So, NYCCANT carried on with its doomed-to-fail petition and its doomed-to-fail non-practicing lawyer, Dennis Whatsisname, instead of retaining the real lawyer, and instead of telling its membership that the petition could not possibly succeed.

NYCCANT chose to fleece as many naive truthers as possible for a few more dollars before it went down in flames, as it knew would happen.

Normally, one would say "good on ya" to NYCCANT for actually consulting a legitimate lawyer with legitimate experience (unlike that Dennis fellow), but NYCCANT never once told its gaggle of naive morons that it had received legal advice indicating that the petition was destined to fail, and NYCCANT knew that it was going to fail spectacularly but remained silent about that. Instead, NYCCANT strung its gaggle of "truther" lemmings along for as long as it could, right up to the enbarrassing failure that iresulted.

How frigging sad is that? Very, very sad.

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