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Originally Posted by Jocce View Post
Can you please repost links to that information because I must have missed it. I want to read it too.
Happy to oblige:

Mooy’s Memorandum-for-the-Record can be found here:
(Klass, P., "UFOs, The Public Deceived", Prometheus Books 1983, chapter 14. p.113)

The Routing Slip here:

Jafari speaking at the National Press Club, Nov, 2007

…and a transcript of that here: (

Another interview with Jafari here:

The statements from the interviews of the avionics engineers here:

The interviews with McKenzie and Evans here:

The radar analysis etc here:
( (pp. 125 -148))

Other relevant and pertinent information can be found in the following:

Amusing enlightening UFO HUNTERS “reconstruction”

Official Iranian Air Force Site with the story…

I’ve probably missed some but that should provide you most of the info you need.

I'll get to the rest of you post later...
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