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Originally Posted by Caustic Logic View Post
Q And what have you written?
A The date, 13th of January 1989; debris (charred) were found, I Sector, grid reference 502 858.

material of some sort ... grey ... some burning around the edges ... Four inches long by about two inches wide.
Some time is spent establishing the find area as they logged it, using Ordnance Survey grids. It was around Newcastleton, near the the intersection of grid lines 86 and 50.

OK, that's a definite. Here's how to see the spot.

Click on the pink "I want to Get-a-map now!" circle.

Find the search field in the resulting pop-up, and enter NY502858.

Click on "go". There is is. That spot is right in the middle of the large-scale map that will appear. You might want to zoom back one stage to a slightly smaller scale. Note that this is not a "field" exactly. It's quite a steep hillside and it's rough grazing, very near to the edge of Newcastleton Forest but not in it. It's very near the border but it is in Scotland.

For goodness sake, that's baby stuff. If the spot was that clearly identified, why the bloody blue blazes have people been wittering on about the Kielder Forest for decades?


ETA: That of course is also the solution to my "location" (left) which routinely baffles the Yanks.
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