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Originally Posted by henryco View Post
How do you know wish video has the correct sound ? :
the one wish agrees hundreds of testimonies of huge explosions or the other one ?
Aaaah, I was waiting for such a goofy reply like this since a long time.

Where do we know?
First, your sample of your video has a stereo sound. In 2001, reporters' cameras were filming in mono. But let's assume they recorded in stereo mode.

Let's record the audio of your video :

Now let's have a look at the extract in the red rectangle:

Then, let's copy the audio of the white rectangle, and let's put it under another explosion, same extract:

Now, let's play the extract in the blue rectangle:

You didn't notice anything? That's right, it's the same exact sample of an explosive noise, and explosions can't have the exact same noise. That's why your video has no value.
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