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Originally Posted by Checkmite View Post
You may have thought of the RD forums as a "community", but the RDF's statement pretty much makes it clear that they never intended it as such and aren't interested in running that kind of site. Be gracious and go start the community you always wanted on your own free-from-being-erased website.

I have sympathy Checkmite; this si anot a JREF issue, but

However if the Richard Dawkins forum was NOT a social network or a community, perhaps RD should have been a little clearer than when he wrote on the forum about the forum:

Originally Posted by Richard DAwkins, posting on his forum about his forum
“It is a community, and that is a valuable part of it. Many of our forum threads have an atmosphere of friends going out for a drink and chatting. I think that is valuable, and I don’t think we should insist on sticking to serious topics. That would be a good way to stifle the sense of community, and that would be a real shame.” (October 2008)
He wrote a great deal more in exactly the same vein – you can to the forum and read his own words. Perhaps having “Join the Richard Dawkins Social Network” which was on the front page: the network was hosted at was a bad idea?

So if the RDF was not trying to run a Social network, perhaps they might have considered not having Richard Dawkins say publicly on said forum that they were, and setting up a social network?

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