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Lets see if we can lure the snake from under its stone

I assume everyone reading knows who Rob Menard is, if not google him, he is all over the web.
Why this thread you may ask, well I just want you to understand where he is coming from before you decide to part with any money to join his "world freeman society".

Just ask him these questions

1. Do you have any verifiable sources of information to substantiate your claims. (Dont accept stories and anecdotes, he will try and fob you off with those)
2. Why do you not access your $8 million bond and then set up an easy to follow system which will allow others to access theirs and form your Freeman Society.
3. Why he has not yet proven ANY of his theories and filmed the results (Practice what he preaches)
4. Why he chooses not to drive a car when he could (according to his videos) drive it around uninsured/untaxed and de-registered yet actively encourage others to do it and sit back while they lose their cars.
5. Why does he ban anyone from the World Freeman Society website anyone who asks for proof of his claims. (Sign up and try it if you doubt my word)

Regards JB
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