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This is a common lie from holocaust deniers. In May 1933, the Nazi Party won the local elections in the city. However, they received only 37% percent of the vote, less than the two-thirds required by the League of Nations to change the Constitution of the Free City of Danzig. Go read some history!
It is always amusing reading Mr Ellard accusing holocaust deniers of lying while his "facts" are usually nothing more than a bizarre melange of misunderstood drivel.

For the record a Plebiscite on Danzig was held shortly after the Saar plebiscite that had it returning to the Reich. The Nazis won 60% of the vote, but that was less than the 70% needed to rewrite the constitution.

The Nazis won 44 sets, the Socialists 12, Catholic Centrists 9, German Nationalists 3, Communists 2, Poles 2.
Total votes were 140 000 for the Nazis and 96 000 for their opponents (of which it was estimated 8 000 if that 96 000 were Polish).

The vast majority of the German nationalists, Catholic Centrists and probably Socialist voters would want reunion with Germany, just not Nazi Germany. As it was, a comfortable majority of the population wanted reunion even with Nazi Germany.
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