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Who started both World Wars?

Spin-off from the holocaust thread.

So who started WW1 and WW2? 'Easy', the average Anglo will say, 'The Germans!'... and he will continue to chew on his bagel and listen to the monotonous rap on his iPod.

Is that true? Let's start a little quiz. Here a list of possible candidates:

1) Germany
2) England
3) France
4) Poland
5) America
6) 'The Jews'
7) Hitler
8) Churchill
9) Norway
10) Kazakhstan (according to the latest insights as proposed by carlitos and TSR a European country)
11) Other, namely...

Picking more than 1 'starter' is allowed.

In order to avoid just another thread with fragmented opinions pro and contra, here is my challenge: use this discussion to construct a synthesis... come up with a coherent helicopter view story as to what you think happened, confined to a few pages maximum (pref. in one post). The topic is not when the battle of El-Alamein happened and other non-controversial trivia, this discussion is about motives of the main actors, geo-strategy and the story behind the screen. The idea is to adapt your personal narrative while our insight grows. Here is my initial version 1.0 (for the moment confined to WW2) as a kick-off:

Hitler admired Britain. He sincerely thought that the English were on the same level as the Germans (a colossal blunder). In his phantasy he had plans to extend and prolongue European rule. Hitler wanted colonies or Lebensraum as he called it in the East and he was perfectly willing to let Britain keep the 25% of the planet it already had acquired as their Lebensraum. He was even prepared to deliver troops in the support of the Empire. Hitler never wanted to attack Britain. It was sheer stupidity of Chamberlain to hand out a blanque cheque to the Poles that whatever they would do the Brits would come to their aid in case of an attack by Germany. What Chamberlain should have done was put pressure on the Poles to make concessions in the Danzig case. Danzig was a 97% German city and wanted to return to the Reich. But the Poles refused to cooperate with the British garantee in their pocket. Then there was increased border tension and next the Germans decided to take back what they considered theirs after they had made an agreement with the Soviets. Because of the garantee Britain (and France) declared war on Germany. But still not everything was lost because neither Britain nor France did anything with the war declaration ('Phoney War'/'Drole the Guerre') much to the delight of the Germans who had very bad memories from a 2-front war during WW1. However it was Winston Churchill, this prototypical drunken half-Jewish/American hooligan mystery meat (bribed by Jewish financial circles from London since the mid-thirties) who really expanded a local conflict into WW2. It was him who planned the invasion of Norway in 1940 in order to cut vital iron ore supply lines from Sweden to Germany who forced the Germans to invade Norway and Benelux and France. And even during the invasion of France he let the Brits escape (the English lied this event into the 'miracle of Duinkerken') because he was interested in peace with Britain so he had his hands free to 'stamp out Jewish communism' in the East. And on the eve of the invasion of Russia it was Rudolf Hess who made this desperate flight to Britain, obviously NOT to Churchill (who was doing the bidding of the Jews anyway) but to this Duke who could expected to be more sympathetic to peace with Germany, like many others in the British establishment who feared for the survival of the Empire. It is very likely that Germany would have offered pulling back from Western Europe in exchange for peace and free hand in the East. It was Gorbatchov with his unexpected offer to release Hess from Spandau that caused alarm within Anglo circles because if Hess would leave prison alive one of the biggest WW2 lies would have been made public. That is why the Brits were forced to 'suicide' Hess. But WW2 was never over Poland. Britain never declared war on the USSR, who had done exactly the same thing as Germany, namely swallowing half of Poland. Instead they allied themselves with the biggest bunch of mass-murderers of history to defeat Germany. Germany had expelled the Jews from Germany because they did not want to be controlled, read bolshevized by them like they had done to Russia. But the Jews who already controlled London and Washington did not like that and organized resistence. The allies won and in the end they had no choice but to invent the 'holocaust' to whitewash their own crimes.

There is no end to Anglo perfidy.

In the near future the revisionist story above is going to replace to old lies that Germany wanted to conquer the world but that luckily there were a bunch of notoriously good guys around to prevent that. And in the hour of victory, as a sort of bonus, they had accidently 'discovered' that the Germans had a little extermination program going on during the war years, conveniently distracting from the Anglo destruction of German cities (the only holocaust that really happened not counting in the holomodor and other Soviet crimes). Fortunately in the end the good guys prevailed. In reality however, the not so good guys, the Jews, prevailed and in their slipstream the Americans, our 'liberators' as you will remember. The biggest losers were the Europeans. Obviously the Germans, but certainly also the Eastern Europeans who got enslaved by Bolshevism, courtesy Churchill. And of course Britain as well, which lost its empire. Only because they let an half-american traitor control their government.

And since my opponents here consistently have shown difficulties to construct a story line longer than two sentences I will help them a bit with this seed:

Official story v1.0; picture an Anglo guy chewing on gum while saying: Well you see, we have Brits, Yanks, Frogs and Russians basically minding their own business, while all over sudden these darned Krauts tried to conquer the whole world twice. Today Germany, tomorrow ze wurld, you know what I am saying? The second time they killed 6 million Joos in gas chambers and stuff for no reason at all! Can you imagine that? Fortunately the Allies sticked together and taught those evil Germans a lesson. Twice.

Good luck.

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