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Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
Matthew Ellard came up with the response above...
No I didn't. I simply supplied information from AJP Taylor's Origins of the Second World War and other various books from my library. I note, you have left Spain, Serbia and the Austro Hungarian Empire off your list of countries that started ( or caused) the world wars. You really need to do some basic reading in history before posting again. Let me quickly address your other errors.

1) Hitler never wanted to attack Britain
He must have been a terrible corporal in WW1 when he attacked the British at Ypres! He even got a medal from a Jewish German officer for his efforts.

2) It was sheer stupidity of Chamberlain to hand out a blanque cheque to the Poles
Have you ever heard of the country called France? If so why do Holocaust Deniers always forget it was Britain and France that guaranteed the Polish border. I assume because they don't read any books.

3) But the Poles refused to cooperate with the British garantee in their pocket
I have already pointed out that the Nazis only received 37% of the vote at Danzig elections and the League of Nations required a two third majority to change Danzigs status. Poland had no reason to pay any attention to the Nazis at all. Hitler simply wanted to expand east as he stated in Mein Kampf.

4) However it was Winston Churchill, this prototypical drunken half-Jewish/American hooligan mystery meat (bribed by Jewish financial circles)
This is a myth started by David Irving that has been debunked. Churchill had no jewish background.

5) Churchill (who was doing the bidding of the Jews anyway)
Churchill wasn't Prime Minister when England declared war on Germany. Please read a basic history book before posting again.

6) It was Gorbatchov (sic) with his unexpected offer to release Hess from Spandau that caused alarm within Anglo circles because if Hess would leave prison alive one of the biggest WW2 lies would have been made public
What? that Hess had chronic schizophrenia? Are you going to pretend Hitler "knew" Hess's plans? Please provide any evidence of this and also read how Hitler "cried out like an animal" when he was informed what Hess had done in Speer's book.

7) But WW2 was never over Poland
WW2 started in Poland

8) Britain never declared war on the USSR, who had done exactly the same thing as Germany, namely swallowing half of Poland
That's because France and Britain offered Russia to move into Poland four days before the Nazi-Soviet pact. Poland refused as they had been at war with Russia up until 1924. Please read AJP Taylor's Origins of the Second World War for information that you seem unaware of.

9) Germany had expelled the Jews from Germany because they did not want to be controlled, read bolshevized by them like they had done to Russia
You are an entry-level Holocaust Denier who hasn't read very much. Hitler banned the Commmunist Party in 1933. He started mass genocide of Jews in early 1942 for a totally different reason. Like all Holocaust Deniers, you are unable to explain where these missing Jews went.
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