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Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
Are you saying that Britain and France were not surprised by the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement?
They were suprised
Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
Are you saying that Poland welcomed the Russian invasion?
No Poland did not welcome the Nazi and Russian invasion
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Could you give us the page number where Taylor says this?
Pages 313 "On 21 August the French lost patience. They decided to ignore the Polish refusal and go ahead, hoping the commit the Poles willy-nilly. Doumenc, the head of the military mission in Moscow was instructed to give an "an affirmitive answer in principle to the Russian question (that Russian troops enter Poland as a buffer against germany)

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Has been dealt with by Little Gray Rabbit[/url].
Little Grey Rabbit not only didn't give a citation but has a party called "Poles" ( in Poland?). Even more funny is that if the figures Little Grey Rabbit gave were correct then Danzig would have been handed over to Germany under the league of Nations 2/3 pleblicite majority ruling and Germany would not have invaded. ( You didn't think that through did you?)

Three months ago Little grey Rabbit said the gas chambers in Auschwitz were bakeries as Little Grey Rabbit, like you, is a Holocaust Denier.

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Can somebody explain to Matthew the difference between mobilisation and war?
France moved 8 kilometres into German territory during the Phoney war. Do you call that mobilisation? sending troops into another country? Would you like me to explain the basics to you? Someone has to.

Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
And could Matthew explain the significance to us of 'mobilising' troops on the other side of the war for a conflict fought out in Poland?
On the other side of the "war"? I assume you mean "world". I assume you are unaware that Australia took New Guinea (our next door neighbour) from Germany who sank our ships to hurt our supply of materials to England in 1918 and I assume you don't understand that the head of Australian Armed forces is the regent of England. Australia mobilised because we fight with Britain, as does Canada, New Zealand etc. Have you ever heard of the first world war? May I suggest you read about German searaiders and Australia.

Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
From the Wikipedia entry about the Phoney War: While most of the German army was engaged in Poland, a much smaller German force manned the Siegfried Line, their fortified defensive line along the French border. At the Maginot Line on the other side of the border, British and French troops stood facing them, but there were only some local, minor skirmishes. The British Royal Air Force dropped propaganda leaflets on Germany and the first Canadian troops stepped ashore in Britain, while western Europe was in a strange calm for seven months.

They basically confirm my original thesis, namely that there was no war in the west.
Yes I can see that you have gathered your little knowledge only from Wikipedia. Its a pity you don't even know how to use wikipedia.
Let me help you with basic research...( even on Wikipedia!)

A 8 kilometre invasion into Germany by France is an invasion. France sent eleven divisions across the German border. The French advanced aggressively, but were stalled at the Sigfried Line. It was in these battles that Stukas were first used against France. Do you still call this just mobilisation?
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