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Originally Posted by 9/11-investigator View Post
However it was Winston Churchill, this prototypical drunken half-Jewish/American hooligan mystery meat (bribed by Jewish financial circles from London since the mid-thirties) who really expanded a local conflict into WW2.
I know this has been addressed many times before, but it always fascinates me how the people who claim the holocaust was a hoax never have a problem with typing text that clearly promotes irrational hatred toward the Jewish.

The rest of the text is pretty funny too. So basically, if Britain had just supported Germany in it's attempts to conquer most of Europe and Africa for the Aryan master race, enslaving the inferior races in the process, they wouldn't have gone to war and could have ruled the galaxy together. But the foolish half-Jews insisted on defending the rights of their allies, starting the World War. Oh, those evil, evil Jews.
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