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Originally Posted by Aepervius View Post
The materialist way to see it is that the original is dead. The new one will have the same memory and physical body, but it isn't the original person, from their point of view the life ended. A easy demonstration of that, is that the transporter has been KNOWN to create duplicates. The only way to interprate that (beside this being SF) is that the transporter hicupped and after the original died, it created two copy instead of 1 copy.
The Transporter is IMO an excellent way to suss out pseudo materialists. They refute the HPC and they chortle at new-agers and mystics - but stick them in the Transporter and they won't push the button. Why not? Because they don't actually believe what they preach.

If you think there is an experiencing self and that this will die in the Transporter, you are not a materialist. You are just suffering from delusion. A very human delusion perhaps, but delusion none-the-less.

... they seek him here... they seek him there... those skeptics seek him everywhere... that damned, elusive... observer!

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth

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