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Ok. Here are the links to the show (no commercials or news segments). Pick your flavor:

1) The whole show, in 18 separate segments @128 kbs in 1 zip file (181,450 kb, ~3 hours after you delete the duplicates) Note: I noticed after I uploaded this that I accidentally duplicated 9-10 and 11-12 in this so delete one of those two sets.

2) The whole 16 segment show including bumpers (no doubled up segments in this one), in 1 long file @ 32 kbs in 1 zipped mp3 file. (40,76 kb, ~3 hours)

3) The meat of the show (9 segments total) minus any segment that didn't have either guests or callers (I did however include the 1st hours show intro) (no doubled up segments in this one either) in 1 zipped mp3 file @32 kbs. (35,522 kb,~2.6 hours)

1) This is the most complete and the best audio quality, if you want to jump around it makes it much easier to find what you want, The downside is its size.

2) This is probably what most of you will want. If not then...

3) This one is the smallest in size and the smaller 3-4 minute intro sections (bumpers) with no guests or callers involved are not included except for the ~4 minute intro at the very beginning of the show. This is essentially the debate and callers only.

Sorry it took so long. Real life and some sleep intervened plus I was using software I've never used before so there was a bit of a learning curve in there as well then it took a while to encode and upload. Enjoy and let me know if something doesn't work.

If someone else wants to host these go right ahead as Mega upload will probably delete these sooner or later after 90 days of downloading inactivity and I make no promises that I'll keep copies of these for posterity. I forget who it is here that has all of the 9/11 debates compiled in one location so if someone remembers who it is I'd appreciate it if you could PM him/her about these.
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