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Originally Posted by Haig View Post
As a interested layman and just giving my take on what I've read. My answer is yes it can. This difference in charge sets up a Langmuir Sheath or plasma double layer and this forms the coma and tail. You would get a far better answer if you posed this question on the Thunderbolts forum but I'm sure you know that.
When you've had a chance to read through Bridgman's many entries on EU/PC ideas, you'll understand why posting questions in the TB forum is, essentially, a waste of time; in a nutshell, despite the clearly posted aims, there is essentially nothing there that resembles modern science.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:
In 2005 Deep Impactís 820-pound impactor collision with Comet Tempel 1 caused a flash/spark before actual contact. How was this possible?
You might like to check your sources for this claim ... it's been repeated a huge number of times by EU/Electric Sun proponents, but there is no basis for the claim, from analysis of the raw Deep Impact data (AFAIK). Worse, as the original source of the EU/ES claim seems to be Thornhill, and as he is a well-known academic fraud, the constant repetition speaks volumes for EU supporters' critical thinking capabilities.

Also, the actual impact produced a reaction that blinded the instruments of, Deep Impact, the mothership. Such was the scale of this second flash. Where did the energy come for this? Bearing in mind it wildly exceeded NASA predictions.
Again, you might like to check your sources for this claim.

Thunderbolt answers to these questions make a lot of sense, particularly since they sucessfully predicted the first part, the flash before contact.

Would you care to present the actual predictions (not post-dictions), in their entirety, here? FWIW, these so-called predictions have been ripped to shreds, several times, in several internet fora; strangely the complete lack of any meaningful rebuttals, by EU/ES proponents, has never made it to the TB forum, which is rather telling given their loudly proclaimed assertion of adherence to the scientific method.
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