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Originally Posted by Panoply_Prefect View Post
Did you guys invite him? He's on another board claiming you did, and that nobody objected to his calculations etc:

He also gives a description on his homepage:

On both boards he claimed FBI contacted him after the presentation. I have asked him on the other board to clarify.
WOW. This is pretty illuminating re truther psychology.

Heiwa wrote to say he'd be in the area in November, offered to explain his challenge, and we accepted.

BUT, I don't know of even one person who was convinced in any way by his presentation. One attendee remarked that the challenge rules were more flexible than Kim Johnson and I were thinking, but this is NOT the same as saying that the destruction of the towers and pentagon was just a special-effects movie.

This is telling:
The audience also understood that all videos and pictures of a structural collapse from top down on 911 are false! One lady in the audience asked who could have produced the movie that was shown "live on TV" on 9-11?

The lady he mentions was NOT indicating agreement, she was indicating the highest skepticism possible.

I asked Bjorkman more than once "Who silenced or paid off the millions of citizens of New York City, who saw the attacks LIVE, not on television?"

This question rolled off Bjorkman like water off a duck. There was no response, period.

Plus, I asked about witnesses to the Pentagon attack, such as Gary Bauer, but stony silence was the only response.

Here's what Bjorkman wrote to/received from the FBI. We wrote the FBI to tell them that his characterization of NMSR agreement was totally off base, referred them to our 9/11 postings, and invited them to the next meeting. We reveived a courtesy reply, and that appears to be the end of that.
From: "AQ.FBI" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2010 9:08 PM
To: <anders.bjorkman at personal.address>
Subject: RE: Suspicious activities that I believe threaten US national security reported by Anders Björkman, 6 rue Victor Hugo...

> Thank you for contacting the Albuquerque FBI. We have received your e-mail and are in the process of reviewing it.
> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 5:09 AM
> To: AQ.FBI
> Subject: Suspicious activities that I believe threaten US national security reported by Anders Björkman, 6 rue Victor Hugo,...
> TO FBI - Albuquerque
> Re : Suspicious activities that I believe threaten US national security reported by Anders Björkman, 6 rue Victor Hugo...; , etc.
> I visited Albuquerque on 10 November and made a presentation at UNM - about subject matter.
> The presentation is available at
> .Also attached
> It would appear that most of the audience agreed with me, i.e. a small top part of a skyscraper cannot crush the bigger bottom part and that all photos of the opposite on 9-11 are faked! Actually skyscraper destruction shown "live on TV" on 11 September 2001 was just a pre-fabricated movie.
> And only 500 people in USA could have made such a movie = easy to check!
> Who made the movie and why? You should check that! And catch the perps!!
> I can explain more in your office if you like on 12 November! I live just around the corner at Montgomery/Carlisle! Or come and see me!
> Pls confirm receipt of this and have a nice Veteran's Day.
> Kind regards
> Anders Björkman
Clearly, Anders Bjorkman is a "Legend in his own mind."
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