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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
But when it comes to critical thinking it makes no sense whatsoever to give god beliefs a pass
Would you mind actually reading Jeff's post before criticizing it? Because from this bit of straw, it's obvious you didn't bother.

It's not about "giving religion a pass," it's whether you're talking about skepticism or one particular very specific topic. Let's forget atheism - suppose someone set up a "SkepCon" in which every single topic seemed to have something to do with, say, dowsing.

Talks include:

"Dowsing - A History"
"What Neuroscience Tells Us About the Ideomotor Effect"
"Oil & Water Speculation - the Science"

For several years the con keeps going, but the theme of the talks doesn't change much; everything is directly or tangentially related to dowsing.

At a certain point you have to ask, "is this a convention about skepticism, or just about dowsing? Maybe it would be better called 'DowseCon.'"

But because it's the God Question, any criticism of the Party Line ("There is No God and You Better Believe it!") is met with hostility and anger. Jeff went out of his way to praise JT, the Skepticon organizers, and phrase his comments in the most friendly and civil way possible.

And the response?

Originally Posted by PZ Myers
I was stunned at how stupid it [Jeff's article] was.
Originally Posted by PZ Myers
It's [Jeff's article] utterly batty.
Originally Posted by PZ Myers
I say good riddance to those people.

And that, Steven, is why Myers is "the bad guy here." Ideological purity and condemnation of those who don't follow the Party Line is apparently more important than simple, open discussion about an important topic.
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