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Well, it seems that I've made a few friends in this forum already so will stop while I've still got a head. I would have gotten a warmer reception shouting "Atheist" at an Evangelists meeting!

There is something of a religious feel to the pro-vaccine crowd and some of you have really lost any sense of proportion. Still if you believe that someone rocking the boat could cause you all to drown, it's understandable that you would panic.

As I'm not a scientist or doctor, I won't be conducting any independent lab tests or studies directly from medical records and as everything that I will be able to post in support of my opinion will be viewed as woo (whether it is or not) then I won't bother. You're all more than capable of researching the opposing positions for yourself even if you might not be capable of reading past your ingrained beliefs and prejudices.

Whatever you do, don't go back to my original reason for posting which was to raise the point about the witchhunt against Dr. Wakefield. It might confuse you to find out that his research was backed up by independent tests and considering that he was pro-vaccine, you'll really be in a dilemma as to why one of your own was run out of town.

IMO, the safety and efficacy of vaccinations should be an open debate in the community at large and the fear campaign from the pro-vaccine side is not healthy.

In closing, I am not any of these: homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath, etc. The only profit that I make from my research and discussion of health topics is the greater health and physical wellbeing that I've enjoyed since discovering Natural Hygiene plus any satisfaction from knowing that I may have led someone else onto a healthier path.

You can win all the battles but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will win the war!

Trusetheeker (no relation to your Truthseeker and I didn't know you had a member by that name)

PS: Thanks to the questions that many of you posed, I did increase my knowledge in many ways. So definitely not a waste of my time!
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