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The 100% Impossible 9/11 Inside Job

This is the conspiracy:
  • The plan is to create and carry out, in secret, an attack on multiple targets in the US, made to appear to be the work of religious extremists from the Middle East (Difficulty Rating: high)
  • The plan (here defined by what ended up taking place, although it would likely start as something broader and be refined along the way) must be conceived and shared with at least one person, both of whom must carry the secret forever, risking careers, family, probably the death penalty, as well as the same for co-conspirators who would be implicated in short order (DR: high)
  • The plan must be conceived and outlined, creating some kind of paper and/or electronic trail
  • Subsets of the plan must each be delegated to lieutenants, recruited (see above re: risks) and charged with its execution (DR: high)
Here on things get a little difficult to outline. The reason being whatever your method du jour, be it no planes, or remote controlled planes, or planted plane parts, or voice morphing technology, or live video animation overlay, or space beams, or mini nukes, or the Twin Towers being constructed with explosives to be detonated three decades later, or Pentagon fly-overs with roadway light poles and other debris and body parts strewn around outside to make it look like a jetliner crashed into the building, to faked craters in the field in Pennsylvania, to whatever Tom-Clancy-lite stews the conspiracy-minded have cooked up over the years, would each require some different elements of conception, planning, procurement, staffing, and execution, as to make it way too difficult to describe here. So for the sake of simplicity, not that it in reality begins to approach that ideal, let’s just stick to “controlled demolition” of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, including the presence of four passenger airliners.
  • Subsets include but not limited to: air strike on WTC 1, secret demolition of WTC 1, air strike on WTC 2, secret demolition of WTC 2, secret demolition of WTC 7, air strike on the Pentagon, secret explosion at the Pentagon, crash in Pennsylvania (presumably designed into the plan, as any preparation for a false hit by the 4th airliner (generally considered after-the-fact to be either the White House or the capital building) would be untenably risky)
Shall I continue? Okay.
  • Each subset of the plan requires a budget
  • Each subset must be funded, creating a paper and/or electronic trail (DR: medium-high)
  • Each conspirator must be provided a fee, sufficient to offset the extraordinary risks involved, and this added to the budget (DR: difficult to speculate)
  • An account or accounts must be created for the purposes of funding the plan, each one active (with numerous and high-dollar expenditures most every step), creating a paper and/or electronic trail (DR: medium)
  • The plan must be initiated at some point and work towards its execution, presumably determined along the way. In any event, the plan cannot be overly long in its gestation lest it either be discovered or given away, either accidentally or intentionally
Let’s briefly look at just one subset, demolition of WTC 1, as an example of the complexity involved in such an undertaking.

Assuming the building would need to be wired for “controlled demolition” (a much-abused term, but adequate for this discussion), we have to: 1) gather a crew of sufficient numbers and expertise (I cannot speculate how large the number would be, but let’s go wildly conservative and say ten); 2) pay for their cooperation as well as take whatever steps necessary to ensure their lifelong secrecy, the same as the project lieutenants; 3) develop a plan; 4) procure materials, including untold spools of wiring, detonators, remote devices, installation tools (drills, saws, crimpers, ladders, lighting, breathing masks, etc.) transportation, false IDs, and various & sundry; 4) make numerous trips transporting materials from an origin warehouse to the site or a staging area nearby (which would have to be found and rented ahead of time); 5) provide some scripted preparation to the crew for the purpose of impromptu interaction with building personnel, security, or the general public; 6) set to work; 7) proceed in such a way as to not call attention to the tasks, knowing that, after the fact, many witnesses would recall anything unusual, including the exposure of numerous portions of support structure of the tower, one of the two largest building in Manhattan; 8) continue and maintain the secret work, including final patch, painting, carpeting and trim repair, and cleanup, for however many long days the task would require.

Again, all this and much more would be necessary for even a modest-size team to secretly plan, devise, and install the numerous elements of only one of the multiple components of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

But is it possible?

Is it possible to find a few much less dozens of people, presumably American, to wage war on their fellow unarmed citizens?

Is it possible that not one of these dozens of treasonous, murdering cowards would, over the course of the many months leading up to the attacks, not accidentally or on purpose divulge even some small detail to a drinking buddy? A wife or girlfriend? A mother or father?

Is it possible that not one of these cold-blooded conspirators, likely in fear of their safety (as well as that of their loved ones), not put in place testimony and evidence so as to reveal the plan to the FBI, the media, their congressman, senator and others should anything happen to them once the deed was done?

Is it possible that the architects of the plan would expect that the team members could keep quiet for the rest of their lives, never to give in to conscience and guilt?

Is it possible that no amount of what would be an astounding amount of physical evidence at the scene would ever turn up?

Is it possible that no emails, text messages, hard-drives, letters, receipts or other supporting communications evidence ever turn up?

Is it possible that the mastermind(s) of what would be the largest and most complex conspiracy in history not have at some point said, “Y’know, there’s way too much that can go wrong here. Why don’t we just plant some bombs on a few high-visibility targets, plant a couple bodies as evidence, and do some follow-up messages to the world’s media? It would take only a half-dozen guys, tops.”

Is it possible that the mastermind(s), having gone to all the months of planning and execution of this massive plot, all to play the American public, not have followed up with several easy-to-manage attacks like that described in the paragraph above so as to keep the apparent terror threat high and palpable?

Is it possible that the mastermind(s), so adept at plotting and executing a wildly intricate plan in the middle of the most populous city in the US so as to apparently justify war on Iraq under the guise of the pre-emptive removal of weapons of mass-destruction, not toss a couple WMD out the back of a cargo plane to the Iraqi desert below so as to provide justification for the war? Y’know, instead of suffering the rebuke of most of the civilized world as well as diminished stature when they, in fact, never turned up?

The answer can only be no. For some of this, much less all of it, to take place successfully is not possible. Not even a little. And there’s a word for when something is not possible.

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