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Originally Posted by loverofzion View Post
It has negative connotations, especially when paired with issues of race.
If one means by that term that the person is unemployed, well then I believe Curt Knox and Chris Mellas would then also be drifters.
I believe it's an established guilter talking point that people who believe Rudy Guede to be guilty and Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to be innocent do so out of racism, which makes them bad people.

The claimed proof of racism on the part of pro-innocent speakers is their use of terms like "creepy drifter" to describe Rudy Guede, which might not seem racist on the surface, but the backup guilter talking point is that terms like "creepy drifter" are code for racist terms.

So when I say "Rudy Guede was an unemployed man with no obvious means of support, linked by multiple reliable reports to crimes involving second-storey break-ins by means of a hurled rock, known to carry a knife while committing his crimes" what they take me to really mean is "Rudy was black and thus a criminal".

Or when I say "Amanda Knox was by all pre-trial accounts an entirely normal and well-liked person with no signs of violent, anti-social behaviour, as was Raffaele Sollecito" what they take me to mean is "They are of the master race and above the law! Heil Hitler!".

It's a matched set with the guilters' love affair with the second-hand hearsay published by Mudede ("And never retracted! So it's true!") that Amanda told a Jewish co-worker that "my people killed your people", and the photograph of Amanda horsing around in a museum which, in guilters' minds, transformed itself into a Holocaust memorial.

So if you think the Massei narrative is a load of old cobblers then probably you are secretly a racist, anti-semitic bigot. Apparently.
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