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Originally Posted by applecorped View Post
The long jump to conclusions begins!!!
No kidding. Folks, how about we all just take a deep breath and wait for some actual facts to come to light about the shooting & the shooter, etc? I have already heard liberals ranting about how "this must have been a Tea Party nut" and I've already heard conservatives scream about how "the shooter was an illegal immigrant". Conspiracy theories are being spun faster than you can say "9/11 coverup"

Especially in this politically charged environment, the last thing we need to go doing right now is jumping to conclusions, pointing fingers at "the other side", and basically engaging in rampant & irresponsible confirmation bias. From what I've seen on this thread so far, there are way too many so-called skeptics displaying blatant irrationality in this regard - you should be better than that.

Let the authorities do their jobs. Until then, everyone just chill the **** out.

ETA: This article, about 10 minutes old, seems to contain the most updated info as of this point.
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