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Originally Posted by Astrophotographer View Post
I am just amazed that people are buying into these videos. The one thing I learned about UFOlogy photographs and videos is that anything that looks too good to be true, probably is a hoax. Their better off recording iridium flares, scintillating stars, venus, airplanes (now they call them "fake airplanes!"), and contrails. At least you don't have to hoax those.

Good work on the 3rd video debunking and it looks like a lot of people are starting to expose the others. I originally felt that it was possible that the bright flash would shut off the street lighting but, after watching some old fireball videos, I discovered that the sensors are a lot less sensitive to this sort of thing than when I used to do it as a teenage astronomer (We used to shutdown the lights by shining a flash strobe through the scope at the sensor). The shadows may be a good thing but the whole image appears overexposed and one could never tell if there were shadows. Doesn't the dome of the rock have a 24 hour guard and why didn't the cars stop moving when the flash occurred? If I saw a flash like that, I probably would stop the car and look around for where it came from.
Hi Astrophotographer... long time no see.

This is one of the most secure areas in the world with the constant threat of terrorism, I would bet that there are many CCTV cameras that didn't pick up a bright light or a flash.

Anyway, I've just posted my video presentation (hastily knocked together so excuse the poor quality) on to YouTube here:

It's basically what I already posted above... with the addition of an advert for Squid Fishing Monthly tagged onto the end of it.
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